• Lead Covid-19

Tanzanian Logistics Pillar (15/07)

UPDATE ON PILLAR GOAL: To coordinate the supply chain of essential medical supplies, medical care and important national projects/initiatives.


  • Member organization, SPEDAG INTERFREIGHT has modified operating procedures to ensure continuity of high level support to national critical infrastructure projects including Nyerere Dam and Standard Gauge Railway.

  • Member organization, Advent Construction allocation of 4 semi trailer heavy vehicles to the prime ministers office for a period of 3 months including all consumable costs for distribution of Covid19 supplies all over the country

  • Through Toyota Care® an introduced a Roadside Assistance service (available 24 hours, 7 days a week) is provide all services to mobile Government vehicles.

  • A fleet of 20 Bajaj three-wheeler vehicles, members Group company, Sunbeam Auto Limited, has been availed to support medical distribution services as required

  • Many member organizations are providing Transports with different routes to all the staffs

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