• Lead Covid-19

Tanzanian Healthcare Pillar (13/07)


Staff & Client Care:

•Most member organisations have embraced hygiene best practices to protect staff and clients

•Member organisations have significantly up-scaled staff engagement and communication at the same time where possible provided HR policy flexibility plus tools (including data for internet) to achieve continuity through alternate (including home) work location

•Member organisations, where possible had pre-engaged medical centers for staff support (including counselling) as required

•Some members have provided PPE packs to staff for home care and protection

•For staff travel, Under WFO situation private transport facilities are being provided by some member organisations

•Significant health education has been provided to staff by most member organisations

Equipment / Hardware

•Member organisation, TOYOTA Provided Generators to support local hospitals 180 KVA

•Provided customised container laboratory/ clinic and use of the same for 3 months at any remote facilities for patients, under the allocation of Prime Ministers Office.

•Member organisation, Achelis has been supplying Covid relief tents (across nation in relief centres) and medical equipment (Medial theatres, beds & support structures) in collaboration with German funds to the TPDF

•Member organisation, Achelis has ramped up medical equipment supplies to many institutions around Tanzania especially in these testing times.

•Member organisation, Vodacom has supported health workers and our front line heroes by providing Unlimited internet data in COVID special centres

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