• Lead Covid-19

Tanzanian Business Assistance Pillar (15/07)


  • Most members have made significant efforts to raise awareness on interventions introduced to ensure operational continuity and support to their clients

  • Members have embraced digital business approaches to maintain good connect with their clients and stakeholders

  • On thought leadership, a few members have played a significant role in national / community forums which has resulted in driving positive sustainability interventions. These forums include: Bankers Association, CEO RoundTable, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, Association of Tanzanian Employers, Construction & Hotel Associations and British Business Group

  • Member organization, Standard Chartered Bank has provided minimum of 3 months relief measures for its Individual and Business Clients whose income and cash flows have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, they have eliminated fees for low value digital transactions for individuals to promote use of e-money

  • Chapter contributed to organizing an advocacy and insights engagement with our members on the following:

  • Management of contracts, labor and employment matters in pandemic time

  • Managing Covid19 @ Home when it hits you

  • Budget 2020/21, important developments in the wake of Covid19


  • Our YPO community in Tanzania [and beyond] has a critical role to play in creating a climate that enables businesses in distress to survive times of economic hardship and continue to operate in the economy. There is that success in this regard will build a market of future YPO leaders. Overall, partnering to create an enabling environment for business and customers survivability and growth.

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