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Kenyan Community Impact: Safe Hands (18/09)


  • Over 550 jobs were directly created by the Safe Hands Kenya programme in the last 5 months within community based organisations and through procurement of locally sourced inputs .

  • Within the first 5 months, Safe Hands Kenya reached 2 million of the most vulnerable Kenyans with products and services for rapid mass sanitation and the Tiba Ni Sisi campaign reached over 3 million Kenyans with messaging to inform people about the risks of corona-virus and to motivate them to adopt behaviours such as hand washing with soap, mask-wearing and social distancing to reduce their risk of infection.

  • 123 tonnes of locally produced soap and 1750 locally manufactured hand washing stations were distributed, together with 500, 000 locally manufactured reusable masks .

To find out more about how this was achieved and the model structure of Safe Hands kenya, please see the link below and scroll through the page. SAFE HANDS LINK-CLICK HERE

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