• Lead Covid-19

Eswatini General Update (29/05)

  • Mass screening occurring around the country

  • Industry slowly opening up

  • Easing of regulations, restaurants and churches to open up shortly

  • Everyone encouraged to wear masks

  • Taiwan playing a major role in securing PPE, Ventilators and ensuring medical readiness

  • Borders between South Africa and Mozambique are operating for trade but restricted goods

  • Covid Fund active in mobilising donor funding and private sector funding.

  • Waiver of any interest on any tax debts should they be cleared in full prior to September 2020

  • Waiver of PAYE for employers contribution for 3 months.

  • His Majesty has pleaded to the UN for funding to fight Covid

  • 2 million rand loan signed off from IMF for government expenses (not related to Covid)

  • 145 million Rand donation from the Kirsch Foundation is the single largest widest reaching donation to date

  • As at 29th May - 279 Cases -2 deaths -168 recovered

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