• Leverage the local and global YPO leadership community to assist South Africa to deal with the economic crisis that is being exacerbated by Covid-19, aligned to the purpose of YPO:  YPO members become better leaders and better people through peer learning and exceptional experiences in an inclusive community of open sharing and trust.

  • Our YPO community in South Africa [and beyond] has a critical role to play in creating a climate that enables businesses in distress to survive times of economic hardship and continue to operate in the economy. The ‘quid pro quo’ is that success in this regard will build a market of future YPO leaders.

  • Overall, partnering to create an enabling environment for business survivability and growth.



  • Engagement activities with YPO members have been identified in 5 areas. These require champions to lead the engagement and build awareness with other members (to share the growing workload).

  • Three member-led organisations are already COBRA Consortium Partners (IQbusiness, Sirdar Group and Adept Advisory). We welcome others that can play a role.

  • Board & Governance: We would like the Board of COBRA (currently being registered as a NPO) to have independent directors that include YPO members that are not consortium partners – For follow up with Arnold Basserabie.

  • Member Engagement: We would like YPO members to be engaged as mentors, business partners or funders for enterprises supported by COBRA – for follow up with Ashley Cohen.

  • Healthcare Crisis Alignment: We must ensure that COBRA is aligned with and synergistic to the Healthcare Crisis YPO Community (Leadership Network, etc.) – for follow up with Dr. Terrence Kommal.

  • Lead Covid-19 Response: COBRA will align as one of the 10 Pillars of the YPO Africa Response to mobilise members in the current health and economic crisis.


  • Workstreams under development by champions have the following timelines:

  • Enlist YPO member organisations as consortium partners – End April.

  • Board & Governance: Board nominees in place by 16 April .

  • Member Engagement: End April

  • Healthcare Crisis Alignment: Ongoing

  • Lead Covid-19 Response: Immediate.


Adam Craker


Carl Bates

Coordinate with businesses in distress and use our relationships with key stakeholders to access support and information